Can I really just sleep and see? How quickly does EyeDream work? Is it safe? How much does it cost? Check out our most frequently asked questions below. If you still have a question that is not answered here, why not get in touch with your local EyeDream optician?

EyeDream - Sleep. See. Smile

Can I really just sleep and see?

Yes, once the effect is complete you simply remove the lenses each morning and you can see normally throughout that day. 

EyeDream - how long does it take to work?

How quickly does it work?

After the first night most of the necessary correction has been achieved. Normally, within a week, your sight during the day will be ‘treated’ and you will no longer be reliant on glasses or contact lenses.

EyeDream - How is it possible?

How is this possible?

EyeDream lenses are made of one of the very highest oxygen permeable materials, Boston XO™, for maximum comfort and safety during overnight wear. 

EyeDream carries a Low risk of infection

Is EyeDream safe?

Yes. Research and experience show that the whole process is 100% reversible. So if you decide to stop wearing EyeDream the eye will return to its original shape. This makes EyeDream an excellent alternative to laser eye surgery.

EyeDream - Price

How much does EyeDream Cost?

EyeDream is comparable in price to wearing a pair of quality daily disposable lenses every day. We recommend replacing your EyeDream lenses every 6 months in order to ensure that they continue to provide optimum vision correction.

EyeDream - 350 centres across the UK

How do I try EyeDream?

Simply book an appointment for a suitability consultation with your nearest EyeDream specialist. If you are suitable your eyes will be analysed on an eye-mapping instrument and from the data gathered, lenses are ordered.