EyeDream – correct your vision while you sleep!

EyeDream is a contact lens that works while you sleep. It is safe, 100% reversible and the perfect alternative to laser surgery, specs and daily contact lens wear.

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EyeDream contact lenses correct your vision while you sleep


Simply remove your EyeDream lenses when you wake 


And enjoy the whole day with crystal clear, unaided vision 

So how does EyeDream work?

EyeDream is a form of Orthokeratology or Ortho-k, a contact lens that gently re-shapes the front of your eye (the cornea) while you sleep. Upon removing your lenses in the morning, the precise change in shape allows you to see with crisp, clear unaided vision. EyeDream flattens the eye by less than the width of a human hair, but the results can be life-changing.

What do patients say about EyeDream?

Amy Billing

I looked at laser but with the cost, it wasn’t an option. I saw this and thought it looked amazing.

Amy -

Bournemouth Tattoo Artist

EyeDream is perfect for shortsighted
people who want…

Freedom from specs and lenses

An alternative to laser surgery


Vision correction for dry eyes

Vision correction for sport


Prescription range

Spherical prescription: -0.75D to -5.50D | Astigmatism: up to -2.50D

It’s very easy to wear the lenses at night, leaving me free of glasses for football, tennis and school.

Alex, 12


EyeDream for children

Because of EyeDream’s special design and the way in which the lenses are worn (during sleep), they offer many benefits to children and parents. These include:

Myopia Management

EyeDream lenses can help to prevent a child’s eyesight from getting worse.

Active lifestyle

EyeDream gives children the freedom to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

Peace of mind

EyeDream lenses are worn at home and can be monitored – and no more lost specs!

Myopia Management

Experts predict that by 2050 more than 50% of all the people in the world will be myopic (shortsighted)?! Being myopic is a risk factor for developing several more severe eye diseases in later life, and the more myopic you are, the greater the risk. Thankfully, EyeDream can help to slow myopia progression in children and reduce these risks.

Can I really sleep and see? How quickly will it work? How much does EyeDream cost?

All theses questions and more, answered with our FAQs. Check them out: